The crypto currency industry has continued to have its share of cliques, fads, and trends since its inception not too long ago. Like any industry steamrolling towards maturity, it resists and moves on from each of these social and cultural phenomena taking the best of what the creativity of the industry has produced and casting aside what’s unnecessary and flawed. HODLers, diamond hands, and apeing are only a few examples of the slang that reflects the sentiments of the industry the most recent of which, “money copying” was popularised by those who have made profits of over 100% in just…

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We live in an ever-increasing globalized world, but most people remain inextricably linked to their country of residence. An individual's reliance upon the vagaries of government, the economy and wider society is a risk. Bitcoin, or something replicating its permissionless, transferrable and valuable functionality, can help reduce this dependence.

Protection against disaster

At the most extreme level, there are many historical precedents of political circumstances changing so rapidly it necessitates fleeing one’s country on a near immediate basis. According to the UNHCR, the number of refugees stands at a record of 68.5 million people with 44,400 fleeing their homes every…

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When playing poker I would take advantage of the many statistical tools which provided player insights. One of the more interesting features was to analyse your own performance by starting hand. I wasn’t overly surprised to see my worst performing pair was AQ but what did shock me was just how badly I was performing with it.

It wasn’t just that my winning percentage was poor. Rather, the more telling statistic was that my losses with it significantly exceeded any other starting pair, likely because I was playing it with less caution. With weaker hands losses were limited as I…

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ICOs have taken a battering in recent months. Just by writing this article I tie myself in with a model that is now synonymous with ‘scam’. The problems are well-trodden. Project teams exploited them to raise capital quickly with no ability to deliver upon promises. Funds sprung up to take advantage, able to secure lucrative bonuses with little to no restrictions on selling. Exchanges charged outsized fees to list new projects, knowing that projects had both the resources and incentives to make a deal. Investors late to the party lost, and lost big.

This has obscured that the ICO is…

Think how much easier Santa’s job will be with TCRs to streamline his extensive list operations (Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash)

Token Curated Registries (TCRs) are a curious concept. At their heart they are a means of creating a list, a rather prosaic sounding goal. Scratch the surface, however, and they are an entangled web of incentivization and game theory that could cause more problems than they solve.

I’m not going to dig too deep into what TCRs are as there are a number of good such explainers. In short, TCRs tie together lists, tokens and voting in such a way as to allow for curated lists to be created in which items are proposed and voted on for inclusion. The…

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There is a vocal movement within crypto to ‘tokenize everything’. Adherents believe that the act of tokenizing assets such as real estate and art will provide increased liquidity, through a fairer and more accessible market. What is the logical conclusion to tokenizing everything that surfaces more and more frequently? Well, it is tokenizing yourself.

It is also monumentally stupid.

Let’s look at why we have ‘tokens’ (I hate the word, but it will have to suffice). BTC exists as a currency because it acts as a payment mechanism to secure the Bitcoin network. …

Heists are glorified in popular culture, but most fraud is more prosaic. Photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash

This piece was inspired by a tweet by Maya Zehavi that noted:

I agree. Crypto is simply too easy a place to enact fraudulent schemes, providing access to a global audience the vast majority of whom do not understand what they are investing in. Regulatory controls are weak, the number of trusted voices low and greed is high.

However, there is nothing new about the scams that have plagued crypto. Nor I believe will there be any difference when more intricate fraudulent activities invariably hit crypto as the space matures.

These scams follow the same pattern as those run…

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For anyone who has followed crypto in recent years, it is undeniable that those who talk of ‘investing’ in the space usually mean ‘gambling’. This conflation of investing with gambling is in part down to the wider economic situation which has forced a wide section of the population out of traditional investing and into more speculative areas. This is exacerbated by new technology and trends, including mobile phones and gamification, all of which is intended to keep users hooked. Furthermore, these ‘investments’ are also largely marketing led, spurred on through social media, sponsorship and celebrity endorsements.

There are two big…

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I became interested in watches around the same time as I started to become engrossed in crypto and was struck by the number of similarities in arriving at an understanding of both subcultures.

Both, to the uninitiated, can appear superficial and slightly laughable. Watches are nothing more than a status symbol, a means to overtly display one’s wealth, are they not? And cryptocurrencies are mere Chuck E. Cheese coupons, a pyramid scheme sucking in millions of unsuspecting and greedy investors (as an aside, Bitcoin must be the best advertisement Chuck E. …


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